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Yesterday a lovely email dropped into the Let’s Think mailbox, and with Neil’s permission I include the full text in this blog. I feel his words highlight the fact that the seeds sown by Philip Adey and Michael Shayer are beginning to bear fruit all over the world. Cognitive Acceleration has always been about enabling students, whatever age and whatever politically motivated curriculum they experience, to reach out and fulfil their potential.


On your school stories, I just spotted that you have included a section called "CASE down under". Please let me add to the information you already have. 
My name is Neil Gordon and I was very fortunate to be one of 6 teachers to win a Peter Doherty Award from the DET in QLD for excellent teaching of Science in 2014.
My nomination arose largely from the work I have been doing since 2010 on the Sunshine Coast to introduce and develop CASE in several schools.
I made contact with Prof Mary Oliver in 2010 and we have remained in contact since. Shortly afterwards I met Tim Smith who you know about already. In fact we were put in touch by Mary and you have included a link on the 'Lets Think' site to an article we three co-wrote for STAQ in 2012. 
Later, Tim has asked me to assist with PD he hosted in Brisbane in 2013 which I greatly enjoyed doing, not least because it gave me the chance to wish Mary good luck in her new career at Nottingham! Also, I got to meet Sonia Hueppauf who is the CASE teacher-in-residence from UWA. 
This experience inspired me to link with my local university here in Sippy Downs, the "University of the Sunshine Coast". I have joined with Assoc. Prof Deb Heck, Dr Margaret Marshman and Lecturer Tim Strohfeldt and we have just received ethical approval from DET in QLD for our research study "Exploring the impact of CASE in the North Coast Region (Sunshine Coast)".
In December, supported by the USC I ran a full day PD on CASE and was thrilled that twenty five delegates attended. In my own time I am providing another hour to 32 staff at Mountain Creek SHS on Monday evening - the HOD Science attended the Dec PD and has approached her Principal to get started.
I wrote another article about "CASE on the Coast" for STAQ last year and will supply you with a web link if you would like to read it (there are some great pictures - try to spot which CASE lessons the Aussie kids are doing!)
This is all very exciting but I often feel rather isolated so I hope that you can include me on your next "Down Under" round up.
It would also be great to hear any advice or answer any questions you may have to offer. I am loving watching your site grow, having belonged for a couple of years now. Of particular interest to me are the primary science activities (thanks for the Candle/ Heart activities), we'll be making good use of those lessons here at my current school of Chancellor State College.

Kind regards,
Neil Gordon