Let's Think Maths

Let’s Think Maths (or CAME – Cognitive Acceleration in Maths Education) supports the development of mathematical reasoning and problem solving from Early Years to Key Stage 3. The Let’s Think lessons complement a mastery approach to teaching and learning. Ofsted have recommended Let’s Think Maths as an approach to raising attainment and improving teaching and learning. All of the Let’s Think Maths resources have been written or approved by the same two authors and as such provide a coherent programme of lessons to support the development of mathematical reasoning from ages 6 to 14.

We strongly recommend teachers using these resources attend Let’s Think professional development in order to understand how the pedagogy relates to the lessons.  All of the impact evidence for Let’s Think / CA materials relies on teachers experiencing professional development.

Some of the following resources are exemplar lessons for you to try.  Others are packs of material now, or soon to be available via our Let’s Think Community Online. The following material is already available through the online portal:

  • CAME (Let’s Think Maths) lessons for students aged 5-14
  • CASE (Let’s Think Science) lessons for students aged 11-14
  • PCAME (Let’s Think Maths) lessons for students aged 9 to 11
  • a range of interactive online lesson simulations to support teachers working together to learn the CA /Let’s Think approach
  • more coming soon, including material for younger pupils

School or individuals can access the portal for a small charge, as detailed below:

  • Individual: £25 per year
  • Small primary (fewer than 300 pupils): £50 per year
  • Large primary (300 pupils or more): £100 per year
  • Secondary: £250 per year

These funds go towards keeping the portal up-to-date and adding new material regularly.   If you are interested in accessing the portal, visit https://community.letsthink.org.uk/

A limited number of other hard copy lesson packs are currently available at a heavily discounted rate as detailed below:


Standard costs

Costs for programme participants and former trained teachers

Let’s Think Handbook

£53 + postage and packing

£40 + postage and packing

Let’s Think Early Years (Nursery to Reception)

£140 + postage and packing

£70+ postage and packing

Let’s Think (Reception to Year 1, plus older SEN)

£220 + postage and packing

£110+ postage and packing

Buy the full set (50% off)

£190 + postage and packing

£170 + postage and packing


Email [email protected] to order hard copy packs.

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