Impact Evidence

Numerous research papers published over a thirty-year period have shown the effects of teaching Let’s Think on pupils’ learning are:

  • permanent, i.e. do not fade with time,
  • across subjects. i.e. not confined to the school subject they started with,
  • statistically significant compared with similar classes without Lets Think lessons,
  • applicable to 6/7 year olds as well as 11/12 year olds,
  • proven to have a significant effect on children’s capabilities with even a moderate use,
  • replicable elsewhere, e.g. in Finland

Few, if any other approach has produced such long-term effects across the board.

This summary document provides a simple guide to the impact evidence in Science and Mathematics. (Let’s Think English is still a live research project and impact evidence has not yet been published.)

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Find out what Ofsted say about Let’s Think.

Many of our schools can testify to the positive comments made about Let’s Think during their inspections. For details of such reports including English, maths and science please contact: [email protected]

The Education Endowment Fund is a new independent grant-making charity whose research findings will help schools to more effectively use their pupil premium. Of their 5 top rated 4* effects, Let’s Think has a focus on two with a combined impact on attainment of +13 months. They are metacognition and self regulation, and collaborative learning.