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The Let’s Think Forum is a registered charity led by a group of academics, teachers and tutors. We work with teachers through professional development programmes and the provision of exemplar lessons in English, mathematics and science.

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Bringing the benefits of Let’s Think to Primary Geography Part 1

By Stuart Twiss

What is our claim, as the Let’s Think Forum?  It is that we can design materials and a pedagogic approach that can accelerate the cognitive development of children. We also claim that this acceleration can persist and affect broad domains of achievement, particularly if our approach is used during periods of development when children are […]

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Sticking with it: how dialogic habits take time

By Michael Walsh

  Cath Dawson from Bexley Grammar School shares her thoughts on how Let’s Think in English helps develop cognitive and dialogic habits over time. Early sessions of Let’s Think sessions can feel much more stilted and less satisfying than later sessions where the skills and practice have a deeper foundation… Having taught Let’s Think consistently […]

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The Let`s Think Forum Council partnered with a school in England and a two groups from Latvia and Finland and their…

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We have such highly effective programmes in Primary and early secondary (Middle School) in Science, English and Mat…

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The lets Think programmes have a wonderful track record of not only boosting student learning but also increasing t…

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